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20 years of professional media experience

Cynthia “Cindy” Clark has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Loyola University of New Orleans in communications and journalism. She has over 20 years of professional media experience in the disciplines of marketing, public relations, advertising, and broadcasting with the following organizations: Sinclair Broadcasting, Entercom of New Orleans, Beasley Broadcasting, Centennial Broadcasting, Millennium Radio of New Jersey, ADX Communications. 

New Orleans Reporter and Producer

She has worked professionally as a food reporter, news, weather, and music “DJ” on-air announcer in the New Orleans’ market. She has also worked professionally as a Coastal Food and Community Reporter. She has been a morning drive producer and writer for WDSU TV and WRNO Radio in New Orleans. She has had the honor of working with New Orleans personalities like Alec Gifford, Tommy Tucker, Scoot, Jim Hanzo, and Steve St. John at WWL 870 AM and other stations. She is a member of the professional performers' union SAG. MP3 commercial, show demo, and writing samples are available for perusal. Client referral available.

Clark Advertising Services


I create and write content that is fun, entertaining, honest, insightful, heartwarming, informative, and timely.

Voiceover Talent

I have written and voiced 100’s of radio commercials. I am a professional media copywriter who understands target marketing.

Voice Coach and Teacher

Youth and adult speech and acting coach. I am proud to say many of my students have been accepted into the prestigious Theatre Arts programs.

Radio Show

I am a Radio Talk Show host and executive producer of “Cynthia Clark Radio Show". I am passionate and proud to be in the radio industry.

Creative Services

Full service media consulting, production, and design studio. Rebranding, Radio Ads, TV Ads, Social and Internet Ads.

Media Services

Evaluate all print and media kits and proposals to determine the best fit for your business and budget.

Mission Statement

Our agency’s mission is to empower your business by teaching you how to gain, retain, and grow your current clientele, by bridging and closing marketing gaps that are often the missing link to a thriving business.

What is a Marketing Gap?

A marketing gap is a difference between what your customers expect and what your business delivers. It can affect your brand reputation, customer satisfaction, and sales performance. To keep your competitive edge, you need to identify and close the marketing gaps in your strategy.

Here are some common marketing gaps:

• Audience Gap is when you do not know who your ideal customers are, what they need and how they behave.
• Content Gap is when you do not have enough relevant, engaging content to attract, educate, and convert your audience.
• Communication Gap is when you do not communicate clearly, consistently, and effectively with your audience. You need to establish a brand voice, tone and style and use them across all marketing channels.
• Performance Gap is when you do not measure, analyze, or improve your marketing results.
• Alignment Gap is when you do not align your marketing strategy with your business goals, vision, and values.
• Innovation Gap is when you do not keep up with the changing trends, technologies, and best practices in your industry and market.
• Digital Marketing Gap is when you do not use correct content to communicate your message in your digital campaigns.

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